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Matt Magana

Matt's Background

My name is Matthew Magana. I have been teaching and competing in the Brazilian jiu jitsu the last 15 years all with Paragon. I received my black belt in 2012 making me a 3rd degree black belt to this date.  I have competed successfully at the adult and master level. Most recently placing 3rd at the IBJJF 2022 Los Angeles Open No Gi.

I have placed in the Mundail, one of BJJs biggest tournaments, three times most notably as a brown belt.
I believe that to be a complete grappler one most have experience with and without the Gi. As the grappling arts become more popular I enjoy teaching the latest no gi techniques used in the biggest tournaments and the traditional BJJ style based in the Kimono (gi).

At paragon we believe Jiu Jitsu is not just an art for self dense and fighting but a tool that can enrich the daily lives of its practitioners physically and mentally for success in and off the mat!

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