COPA PACIFICA (April 2017) Kids/ Adults Results

COPA PACIFICA (April 2017) Kids/ Adults Results
April 26, 2017 Erika

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Every tournament, we are proud and honored to see our students find the confidence to try Jiu-Jitsu at a higher level. They train harder and they go for it. We encourage students to compete but its not for everyone, though when students coming in for their trial class they are not thinking of competing but they eventually find that courage and strength to try it. Its a challenge that some are willing to try and for some it becomes a passion. Bottom line, we have plenty of courageous people and you dont know its in you until you try it. Shout out to these competitors that have been in the competition scene for a while and also to the first timers. CONGRATS!

Team Paragon

Eli E. //Bronze

Andre B./ Bronze

Refugio C./ Silver

Joseph H./ Gold